How to Spot a Fake Montblanc Pen

How to spot a fake Montblanc pen


If you’re in the market for a super high-quality pen, then chances are you’ve considered investing in a Montblanc. But with so many counterfeit products on the market, it’s important to know how to spot fakes before buying.

Fortunately, there are several simple ways to tell if your potential pen purchase is the real deal or just good enough to fool someone who needs to learn about pens. In this post, I’ll show you how to check whether your potential new Montblanc is an authentic product or an imitation by examining six different aspects of the pen: its nib, cap ring, clip design (and especially where it attaches), serial number (if any), box label and overall appearance/feel when held in hand.

Check the nib.

You can tell if a pen is fake by looking at the nib, as it’s one of the best ways to spot an authentic Montblanc.

The first thing to scrutinize is whether or not the nib is damaged. The most common damage to Montblanc pens is worn on either side of the nib’s tip. If you see any signs of wear or discoloration, this should be cause for concern. Rusting can also happen on older pens, but unless it’s really bad, it shouldn’t affect how your pen writes much (though still worth noting).

You’ll also want to look for smudging, which occurs when ink gets into tiny crevices and hardens there over time; this will show up on both sides of your pen’s tip and make writing more difficult because you’ll need extra pressure for ink flow properly through those areas (and thus create more friction between paper and metal).

Examine the cap ring.

The next thing to check is the cap ring. The cap should be smooth and not rough, and it should be engraved with the Montblanc logo, which will have an eight-pointed star in it and look like this:

The serial number, model number, and other details will also be inscribed on the cap of a real Montblanc pen. Examine these carefully before making up your mind about whether or not a specific model is authentic!

Analyze the clip.

The clip is a very important feature of a Montblanc pen. You can tell if it’s real or not by looking at it and checking for two things:

  • The shape of the clip should be smooth, without any bends.
  • The logo on the clip should be engraved with Montblanc writing in cursive letters, not printed on like in an electric typewriter font (also called “Monoton”).

Look at the serial number.

If you want to know if your pen is real, check the engraving on the clip. The serial number should be engraved in an italic font and style and the same location on each pen. If you have more than one authentic Montblanc pen, compare their serial numbers and make sure they match up exactly.

Study the box.

The box is a good place to start. Montblanc pens come in high-quality boxes made of leather or cardboard, and the box will usually have a sticker with a serial number, date of manufacture, and country of origin.

Be wary if the box has been damaged or appears cheap. This often indicates that the pen must be more authentic, too. If you need to decide whether you should trust your instincts about these things (and I wouldn’t blame you), check with someone who knows their stuff before making any purchases.

Become familiar with the different styles of Montblanc pens.

To begin, it’s important to become familiar with the different styles of Montblanc pens. The most well-known is the Meisterst├╝ck, and many people have this as their default image of a Montblanc when they think of one. However, there are other models and designs that you might encounter as well.

The 149 is a popular model with an italicized body of celluloid (an early plastic) in black or white. The logo on this pen was inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphs, giving it an air of mystery and exclusivity. This is also known as the “Superleggera” because its light weight makes it feel like you’re holding air in your hand.

If you’re looking for something more modern and bolder than your typical Meisterst├╝ck design, take a look at StarWalker pens: these come in sleek metal bodies with rubber grips for added comfort, perfect for those who want something more substantial than plastic but still want something easy on the eyes when they write.

If you’re looking for a unique design, check out the Montblanc Limited Edition StarWalker Carbon: this pen is made of carbon fiber and has an all-black appearance that makes it stand out from other models. The carbon fiber body gives this pen a nice weight but is still light enough for extended writing sessions without getting tired. This model comes with an 18K gold nib that will last you a lifetime (or two!)

Montblanc is known for its high-quality luxury pens.

  • Montblanc is known for its high-quality, luxury pens. If you’re in the market for one but want to avoid being duped by a lower-quality fake, check these things before you buy:
  • The cap should be made from precious metals like gold or platinum. A counterfeit Montblanc will have a different feature.
  • The clip should be engraved with “Montblanc” and “Germany” (or another European country). A fake pen will have an unengraved clip that’s slightly too long or short compared to a real Montblanc.
  • The nib should be stamped with “Germany” and “1858” when Johannes Wagner founded the company, Sr. He had previously worked as a mechanic at Friedrich Nicolai & Co., another famous manufacturer of pens in Germany.

The nib should also be engraved with the Montblanc logo. The logo should be on a gold-plated ring around the bottom of the nib.


Now that you know what to look for, you can avoid the fake Montblanc’s and make an informed decision about your purchases. If you still need to determine whether or not your pen is authentic, contact the manufacturer or take it to a store that sells Montblanc products for inspection.

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