Do Parker Refills fit Sheaffer Pens?

Do Parker Refills fit Sheaffer Pens?

The answer is yes, they do.

Parker and Sheaffer are both owned by Newell Rubbermaid, so their pens use the same ink refills.

Most of the time, you can use a Parker refill in a Sheaffer pen. There are a few exceptions to this rule:

The Sheaffer Prelude uses a proprietary refill that is not compatible with any other pen.

Some vintage Sheaffer fountain pens use a smaller ink cartridge than what’s found in modern pens. However, there are many modern alternatives available from other manufacturers (including Parker) that will fit into these older pens.

If you have an old Sheaffer pen that takes their own proprietary cartridges (it will say on the box), then yes you can get refills for it from us if we still have them in stock from when we bought them from Sheaffer.”

Parker refills are designed to fit many different brands of fountain pens, including Sheaffer pens.

What is a Sheaffer pen?

Sheaffer Pen Company was founded in Fort Madison, Iowa in 1912 by Walter A. Sheaffer. They began manufacturing writing instruments such as dip nibs and fountain pens, which were sold under the Sheaffer name. The company remained family owned until 1986 when it was acquired by Dunhill International Holdings, who later sold the company to an investment group led by one of their executives named Michael Nolan. In 2000, Platinum Equity bought the company and later sold it to the Newell Group in 2010. Sheaffer continued making pens under its own name until 2014 when it was rebranded as part of the Newell Rubbermaid brand umbrella (along with Sharpie markers and Paper Mate pens).

Advantages of Parker Refills in Sheaffer Pens

Parker refills are the most popular brand of refill in the world. They can be found in just about every office supply store and online retailer. They are also the most common type of refill for fountain pens, as well as ballpoint pens.

The benefits of Parker refills in Sheaffer Pens include:

  • A wide variety of options – There are many different types of Parker refills available, including gel ink and rollerball refills. If you want to find a refill that fits your specific needs, there’s probably one available from Parker.
  • They’re cheap – The biggest benefit of using a Parker refill is its price point. Most spares will cost less than $5 and they’re easy to replace when they run out or get damaged during use.
  • They’re easy to find – Parker refills can be found at any office supply store or online retailer that sells writing instruments or stationery products. This makes them very easy to replace once they run out or get damaged during use.
  • They fit into all Sheaffer pens that use standard international cartridges. That includes most models of the pen, including the Prelude, Prelude II and Prelude Elite. If you have an older model pen with a converter, it may not work with this type of refill.
  • Parker refills come in several different colors, including black and blue ink. The blue ink is especially popular among users because it adds a nice touch to documents or notes that you want to stand out from the crowd.
  • Parker refills provide a smooth writing experience that’s both comfortable and enjoyable for your hand as well as anyone who reads what you’ve written with their eyes!
  • Convenience: The parker refills are very convenient to use because they do not require any specific kind of pen or nib size to fit into your pen casing. They will fit into any standard sized pen casing without any problem at all. You can use them on any standard sized nib to get better results as well.
  • High quality: The parker refills are made from very high quality material that does not wear out easily even after prolonged usage. This means that you will not have to replace your parker refill every now and then just because it has worn out due to excessive use over time!
  • Parker refills are highly durable and can be used for more than a year without any problems at all. They are made of high quality materials that do not wear easily even after using them continuously for many months or years together. The ink in these refills also lasts longer than other types of ink because they are designed with special features that help them last longer than other types of refills such as the Pilot G2 refill or Cross ballpoint refill.

How much does a parker refill Cost?

Parker refills are one of the most popular writing instruments in the world. They’re also quite popular with fountain pen users, as they are compatible with many models of fountain pens.

Parker refills are sold by the dozen and come in several sizes and types. The most common types are ballpoint and gel ink refills, but fountain pen owners can sometimes find Parker refills for their pens as well.

Ballpoint Refill Prices

The average price of a box of 12 ballpoint refills is $12 – $15, depending on where you buy them. If you look around online, however, you may be able to find them at a discount or even on sale – especially if you buy them in bulk quantities such as 10 boxes at once or more.

Gel Ink Refill Prices

A box of 12 gel ink refills costs between $15 – $20, depending on where you buy them and whether they are on sale at the time of purchase or not. Again, if you look around online for deals or discounts on this type of refill, it’s possible to save quite a bit off their normal price tag


In the end, yes, Parker refills do fit Sheaffer pens. Surprisingly, these refills fit most Sheaffer pens from the last 30-40 years. The only notable exceptions are the Prelude models made in the 1990s, which are about a millimeter shorter than those manufactured for vintage Sheaffer pens. However, 98% of earlier pens fit, including many 51 and 61 models without any problem at all; even limited-edition models with unusually long hoods, such as the Lapis Blue Duofold Special Edition, can usually accommodate Parker refills. While this is not an official endorsement of Parker refills by Sheaffer Pens International, it is our opinion that they fit just as snugly and securely as original Sheaffer cartridges.

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